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So, because I'm a giant sap and can't wait for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie to come out, I've decided to have a monstrous read-a-thon of all seven books, starting today and going up until November 19th, when the first movie debuts. That's 7 books, 199 chapters, in 20 weeks. Can we do it? :D

Since dividing 199 by 20 gives a weird decimal, I decided to round to 10 chapters per week. Knowing Harry Potter, it won't take nearly that long, but real life gets in the way sometimes. The following is the minimum that must be met, plus six days of extra time, in case a day slips by or something, in order to complete these books before the movie premiers.

Week 1: Sorcerer's Stone 1-10

Week 2: S.S 11-17, Chamber of Secrets 1-3

Week 3: C.S. 4-14

Week 4: C.S. 15-18, Prisoner of Azkaban 1-6

Week 5: PoA 7-17

Week 6: PoA 18-22, Goblet of Fire 1-6

Week 7: GoF 7-17

Week 8: GoF 18-28

Week 9: 29-37, Order of the Phoenix 1-2

Week 10: OotP 3-13

Week 11: OotP 14-24

Week 12: OotP 25-35

Week 13: OotP 36-38, Half Blood Prince 1-7

Week 14: HBP 8-18

Week 15*: HBP 19-30

Week 16: Deathly Hallows 1-10

Week 17: DH 11-21

Week 18: DH 22-32

Week 19: DH 33-37

Week 20: Margin of error

*Eleven chapters this week because ending on 29 out of 30 seemed silly.

I see these last two films as an end to an era, of sorts. It's a "this is it. There is no more. We're really, really serious this time" sort of thing. These books were SUCH a huge part of my childhood. I mean, I think I was seven when my mom gave me the first one? And sixteen when the last one was released. I spent almost ten years of my life with these people. It makes me sad to know that, come July, it really is over. :(

So join my fun! Go back and remember, so that the film will be that much more awesome and powerful. The trailer looks amazing. :D Join my fun! Let's celebrate thirteen years of magic!
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