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Title: Of Angels and Robin Eggs
Author: [personal profile] aubreys_master
Fandom: DCU
Genre: Friendship, romance, character study
Fic Type: One-Shot
Characters: Conner Kent, Timothy Drake
Rating: PG
Warnings: Light spoilers for recently published material as of February 2010
Timeline: Post Graduation-Day through Red Robin #9
Summary: Conner muses on flight, romance, and Timothy Drake.

Sometimes, Conner Kent wondered if Tim resented not being able to fly. While Kon relished the occasional opportunity to carry him, he figured it had to be tough to be the only ‘normal’ kid on the team. When they had first met, Superboy had found it odd that Robin had been so literally grounded. Now, years later, Conner knew that Tim – like all the Bat Family – more than compensated for his human limitations with his array of gadgets and impressive intellect. But still – talk about frustrating, not being able to fly.

Besides, Conner knew there was more to it than just travel issues. Sometimes, when he couldn’t sleep and Tim actually bothered to, Kon would dawn what he privately referred to as his ‘creepy stalker hat’ and would use his x-ray vision to watch Tim rest. Sleep seemed to be the one time that Tim wasn’t scowling. Conner attributed that as another gift from Batman. It must have been part of the Bat Family’s New Member package deal: Full set of Batarangs, grappling hook, cape, brooding scowl… Yes, he eventually decided, it must be Batman’s fault. Nightwing seemed to scowl a lot too.

When Tim slept, he was at peace. That peace reminded Superboy just how normal and painfully human and fragile Tim really had the potential to be – regardless of how able and well-trained he was. If it came down to it, something that might scratch Superboy had the power to kill Robin. That idea, frankly, freaked the hell out of Conner. He usually thought that way during his creepy stalker escapades.

Sometimes, when he grew too freaked out, Conner would slip into Tim’s room. Tim always heard him – always – and he always woke up the moment the door opened. Those were some of the rare times that Kon got to see Tim’s eyes. He was often surprised that Tim didn’t sleep in that damn mask (another Batman-ism, he supposed).

There was something inherently awesome about Tim Drake: He never asked Conner questions when he arbitrarily showed up in his room in the middle of the night. He just scooted over and made room in the bed for him. On the nights that Kon managed to work up the nerve to kiss him goodnight, Tim just blushed faintly and always returned the gesture.

Kon had every intention of saying ‘I love you’ before the Crisis had happened. Even with Cassie and things as complicated as they were there, Kon considered what he had with Tim to be something incomprehensibly special. They were beyond traditional romance, Conner had long ago decided. That was for people like Cassie – who needed signs and gestures. But he and Tim…they got teach other. Conner knew Tim well enough to know he would have hated all that mushy stuff. No, those not-lonely nights would have to be enough for them both. Conner sucked at romance anyway. Even Superman thought so. It was best for all if Kon refrained from trying to woo. Besides, Tim worked for Batman. That must have made him genetically un-woo-able. Still…Kon would have liked to say ‘I love you’…

So when Kon found Tim again in Paris, his first thought was to blurt the words right out. But then he saw how much Tim had changed.

Conner had always considered Robin to be wingless, because he couldn’t fly. After Paris, he understood Tim drake profoundly better. Tim had always had wings, even if they never caught a physical air current. But now…now those wings were broken.

When they were young, Tim had done well to care for Conner when he needed him to – even though the whole Lex Luthor and DNA debacle. Kon supposed it was about time he returned the favor anyway.

Healing first.

Romance could wait.

I found the pieces in my hand
They were always there
It just took some time for me to understand
You gave me words I just can't say
So if nothing else -
I'll just hold on while you drift away

I'm Still Here (Vertical Horizon)
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